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Weight And Height Converter and Body Mass Index Calculator

Converts your weight and height into Imperial or Metric measurements with a single click. Start with Metric or Imperial.
  • Height will always be displayed in feet and inches - inches over 11 are translated into feet and inches.
  • Your results are instantly displayed. Just input a number.
  • After you input figures for both height and weight, a calculation for Body Mass Index (BMI) is displayed showing ideal weight range and percentage under or overweight.
Body Mass Index

1 ft.=12 ins.   ::   1 ft=30.48 cms
1 in.=2.54 cms   ::  1 lb.=0.45359 kgs
1 cm=0.3937 ins.   ::   1 kg=2.2046 lbs.

Click here for additional information on the conversion of inches, feet, yards, furlongs, miles, centimeters, meters and kilometers.

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