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Waist-To-Hip Ratio

This waist-to-hip ratio calculator suggests how near/far you are from a "small waist" and reasons for bloated waistline increase in women. Are you pear-shaped or apple-shape?
Why this concern with small waist apart from physical appearance?
Big waist = Big Risk Of Stroke! That is the conclusion from a study presented to the American Academy of Neurology.

If your waist to hip ratio is less than 1 you have a "pear shape" ie. more weight around the hips. But if your waist to hip ratio is greater than 1 you have an "apple shape" ie. more weight around the waist.

Being an "apple shape" can increase risks for stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. For an effective way to lose excess inches around the waist see 'Weight Lifting Key to Weight Loss'.

How to measure The Waist

  • To measure the waist you need a flexible tape.
  • Stand up straight and keeping the breathing still.
  • Place the tape level around the waist, starting from around the belly button and not too tight or too slack.
  • Make sure the skin is free of clothing!

So let's see what your waistline says about your health

  • Select male or female
  • Choose inches or centimeters
  • Input Waist and Height

Calculate Your Waist-To-Hip Ratio

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