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Relaxation Products
Exquisite relaxation products at Great Prices.
  • Soleil Sunrise Alarm Clocks

  • Exquisite relaxation products at Great Prices.

    Soleil Sunrise Alarm Clocks

    to order Soleil Sunrise Alarm Clock.

    Serving Customers Worldwide Since 1998...

    We are one of the largest providers in the United States for high quality relaxation and stress relief products, offering you a huge selection of stunning hand crafted indoor water fountains, tabletop fountains, indoor wall fountains, floor fountains, and outdoor fountains.

    We also offer sunrise alarm clocks, bean bag chairs and bean bags, comfy hammocks, Baieido Japanese incense, Nag Champa incense, custom engraved stones, zen gardens and more.

    Our products are of the HIGHEST quality, and help to provide you with natural relaxation, stress relief, health, healing, inspiration and feng shui.

    We have GREAT PRICES, Fast Shipping, Impeccable Customer Service and 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee Exquisite relaxation products at Great Prices.Soleil Sun Alarm Clock

    Soleil Sun Alarm Clock

    Clock Dimensions:

    • 5" high x 4-3/4" wide x 2-3/4" deep

    The Sun Alarm Clock combines the features of a traditional alarm clock (digital display, AM/FM radio, beeper, snooze button etc.) with an exciting new way to start your day. The special built-in light gradually increases in intensity, simulating a bright natural sunrise.

    Also included is a Sunset feature, where the light fades to darkness. There are several added awakening options at the end of your gradual sunrise cycle. These are the flashing light, the radio, or the beeper.

    The clock's small, sleek, compact design takes up very little space on your night stand. This allows more room for books, a glass of water and other items of importance. College students who live in tight dorm rooms will appreciate the small compact design of this clock. <

    Plus, you can easily pack it in your suitcase or shoulder bag when you travel, so you can enjoy the same gentle, refreshing awakenings when you are away from home.

    Though it is a physically small clock, it is a very unique, dynamic clock, loaded with many desirable features that enable you to gently awaken in a relaxed, refreshed state.

    You will really LOVE this truly amazing, very affective clock.

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