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List of Allergy Products
  • AllergyBeGone Aromatherapy

  • Aromatherapy

    AllergyBeGone Aromatherapy

    to order AllergyBeGone Aromatherapy.

    In the art of aromatherapy, aromatic oils are inhaled or absorbed through massage to promote physical healing, mental and emotional balance.

    From leaves, fruits, root, seeds, flowers, and wood come concentrated essential oils, each with specific mood-inducing property.

    • An antidote to today’s stressful world.
    • Explore 4 different product lines, created to meet all your needs, whether it’s muscle pain… sleeplessness… sinus pain, or just plain stress.
    • Simply soak… smooth… massage. Use in beauty spa...
    • And always, always breathe.

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