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Good Health = Rest + Exercise + Diet

Welcome to icb2001.com where we advocate you regularly get an adequate amount of Rest (sleep and stress reduction), Exercise (cardio, aerobics and flexibility), and Diet (nutrition), to maintain your good health throughout your years.

On this site you will find health tools which may aid in making decisions about your health and provide answers to your general health questions. You will find health calculators like the ones enumerated below, among others: -

We also feature a series of health products under various headings which we feel will assist in your quest for good health and happiness.

In addition, you will find many articles with the triangle of health theme of Rest, Exercise and Diet.

  • Rest. The body needs seven to eight hours every night to repair the damage of the previous day. Even a short nap (five to ten minute) during the day can be extremely revitalizing. Stress-reduction and body repair is the purpose of sleep.

  • Exercise aims to raise the heart-rate above normal for an extended period of time, ie twenty minutes or more. Typically, this could include walking at a brisk pace, jogging, or playing your favorite game such as tennis.

  • Diet refers to consuming a wide variety of healthful foods; paying attention to portion sizes; and avoiding eating foods that are high in calories but low in nutrients. A good diet is the right number of calories and their composition, appropriate to your lifestyle.

    A very important aspect of diet is portion size. Most people seek to get most of their calories in two main meals resulting in the bulge of the belly. The better strategy, may be, is to consume five or so small meals throughout the day. Size really does matter!

It's never too late to start an exercise program. You can reap the health benefits of exercise whatever your age.

Combine a balanced, reduced-calorie menu with increased aerobic exercise and you'll be feeling and looking better for the rest of your life.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any useful suggestions about utilities we could add.

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